Planning has commenced for the second National Faith & Blue Weekend (Faith & Blue), set for Oct. 8-11, 2021. We are committed to significantly increasing impact to meet the challenge of this critical moment, and we strongly believe national denominational leaders should be a part of the solution. To increase social justice while also reducing crime/violence, faith-based organizations will be foundational to building community-police collaboration as you represent the canvas of the U.S. – collectively touching the lives of millions. 

To make a more significant impact this year, we are interested in partnering with community partners nationally. We humbly appeal to you to join a select group of other national denominational leaders for an important informational meeting, via Zoom. The Zoom meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, at 3 p.m. ET. During this meeting, we will share more details and discuss a potential partnership. 

As our nation struggles with crucial challenges regarding policing, race, social justice and public safety, we’ve got to lean in to change things. Our fervent wish is that we gain your support toward Faith & Blue, an unprecedented national law enforcement and community engagement project that is cultivating a solutions-focused movement of justice and reconciliation. 

Leadership from law enforcement and the community is needed more than ever to guide us away from police violence and violence in our communities. We must work together to transform policing while addressing ongoing, rising crime and violence among young people. Working together around our many shared interests rather than remaining divided by our differences is our only way forward.

In April 2020, MovementForward, Inc. and partners commenced planning for the first National Faith & Blue Weekend to power a movement where law enforcement professionals and residents build connections that break down divides, decrease biases, increase familiarity and spur ongoing collaboration. Of course, no one had any idea that the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis just two weeks later and the aftermath we have all witnessed would make this effort so sorely needed and timely.

It was with this urgency that last year’s inaugural Faith & Blue became the most collaborative police-community outreach effort in American history. All of the national law enforcement groups partnered with us because they recognize changes must be made. Despite COVID-19 and just three months of planning, approximately 1,000 activities were organized in 43 states in communities of all kinds, from small towns to major cities. These activities included discussions on race and policing, peace & justice marches, community service projects, and other events geared toward fostering an environment of social justice. Additionally, 35 distinct faith traditions participated. However, they cannot change themselves by themselves – they need your help!

Faith & Blue believes that we are not nearly as divided as we are disconnected. Faith-based organizations have always served as a beacon of light, and are the ideal foundation upon which local communities can enhance unity.

Please register now for an introductory meeting on National Faith & Blue Weekend 2021 or contact Dr. Jonathan Lotson at jonathan.lotson@movementforward.org for questions and assistance.

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