General Public Participation

Every member of the public can get involved by reaching out to a community-based, faith-based, or law enforcement agency in their community. Use the brochure below to get started.

Faith & Blue is Open to Everyone!

Cross the Bridge to becoming a more engaged community

Faith & Blue is about more than just law enforcement agencies and faith-based organizations. It’s about organizations of every kind — civic, service, athletic, Greek, and more — to build strong communities that are both inclusive and safe. It is also open to unaffiliated members of the public.

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Types of Events

Connecting is easy! Search for events nearby, find one that piques your interest, bring a friend, and join in! You can organize any type of activity for Faith & Blue. There are 30 sample activities in the Faith & Blue toolkit to help get you started. You can also reach out to your Faith & Blue representative and reach out to begin the discussion.

How to Participate

Find an event nearby by using the “Find an Event” search or host your own event. Our team is ready to help you.

Find an Event

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