Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming

While Faith & Blue is a national event, the program can be approached regionally with a dedicated liaison and a list of partnering state law enforcement agencies listed below.
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Phoenix Police Department joins religious leaders for National Faith & Blue Weekend 2021.

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  • Engagements

    The West had 756 engagements

  • Agency with the Most Events

    Los Angeles Police Department with 34

  • Smallest Community

    Belvedere, California, with a population of 2,068

  • State with the Most Events

    California with 113

"Faith & Blue demonstrates an important reminder that, on Kaua‘i, no one is alone. We all work together to care for one another and each other. A caring and unified community is strong."

Chaplain Gregory Poole

Ohana Christian Fellowship Kauai, Hawaii

Your liaison information

You can reach out to your Faith & Blue liaison, RJ James, at rj.james@faithandblue.org. If you are part of a member of the Major County Sheriffs of America (click here to check) or Major Cities Chiefs Association (click here to check), you can contact the Executive Director of Faith & Blue, Jared Feuer at jared.feuer@movementforward.org.

Participating State Agencies

The following state agencies both sponsored and are encouraging law enforcement agencies throughout their states to participate in Faith & Blue.

  • Alaska Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police
  • California Police Chiefs Association
  • Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs

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Spotlight: Mesa, Arizona

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National Faith & Blue Weekend is October 7-10, 2022. Register here.