Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin

While Faith & Blue is a national event, the program can be approached regionally with a dedicated liaison and a list of partnering state law enforcement agencies listed below.
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Macomb County Sheriff’s Office Trunk or Treat, National Faith & Blue Weekend 2021.

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  • Engagements

    The Midwest had 297 engagements

  • Smallest Community hosting an event

    Underwood, Minnesota with a population of 380

  • Agency with the most events

    Detroit Police Department/Cleveland Police Department with 18

  • State with the Most Events

    Michigan with 78

"Brothers and sisters will gather from all denominations and races to give prayer for our police officers and for the weekend. We will come together to ease tensions between our police officers and our community, recognizing that we have some very good police officers and very good community people. We want them to get to know each other and respect each other."

Deacon Harold Simmons

Eighth Street Baptist Church Kansas City, Missouri

Your liaison information

You can reach out to your Faith & Blue liaison, Rashaun Kemp, at rashaun.kemp@faithandblue.org. If you are part of a member of the Major County Sheriffs of America (click here to check) or Major Cities Chiefs Association (click here to check), you can contact the Executive Director of Faith & Blue, Jared Feuer at jared.feuer@movementforward.org.

Participating State Agencies

The following state agencies both sponsored and are encouraging law enforcement agencies throughout their states to participate in Faith & Blue.

  • Badger State Sheriffs’ Association
  • Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Illinois Sheriffs’ Association
  • Indiana Sheriffs’ Association
  • Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Missouri Police Chiefs Association
  • Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association
  • Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
  • Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association

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