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National Faith & Blue Weekend facilitates safer and stronger communities by engaging law enforcement officers and local residents through the connections of faith-based organizations.

National Faith & Blue Weekend

October 11-14, 2024

Coming Soon: The fifth year anniversary of Faith & Blue with four days of locally organized community-officer engagement as part of the nation’s largest annual collaborative policing initiative.

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What is Faith & Blue?

Faith & Blue is based on the premise that strong communities are built through mutual respect and understanding. Law enforcement and faith institutions are key pillars of each community, and when they work together, neighborhoods thrive.


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Host Communities


Local Faith-Based Organizations


Local Law 
Enforcement Partners

"Faith & Blue Weekend provides a mechanism for our law enforcement professionals and our community members to relate on common ground. I know that our entire community, including our police officers, [is] stronger and more resilient as result of participating."

Chief Melissa Hyatt

Chief Melissa Hyatt

Baltimore County Police Department and Major Cities Chief Association

"“I find tremendous value in any collaborative initiative that builds partnerships, educates, and breaks down biases amongst law enforcement and the citizens we serve. The National Faith & Blue Weekend event that we participated in was a first for me. I found the event to be enormously valuable for all who participated."

Captain Justin Dusseau

Ada County Sheriff’s Office, Idaho

"This is a very great program. A great way to do outreach to your community and continue the work we’ve been doing to build relationships with our communities, legitimacy and trust."

Chief Patrick Phelan

Chief Patrick Phelan

Executive Director New York State Association of Chiefs of Police

"As you can see, [the Faith & Blue toolkit] takes all the thinking out of it. You can just go onto the website and it is basically like following a recipe."

Assistant U.S. Attorney Terrence Haugabook

Assistant U.S. Attorney Terrence Haugabook

U.S. Attorney’s Office - Eastern District of Michigan

"Hope is the belief that destiny will not be written for us, but by us. By the men and women who are not content to settle for the world as it is. But who have the courage to make the world as it should be."

Lynda Williams

Lynda Williams

National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives

"Issues around criminal justice and policing are the prevailing issues of our time. National Faith & Blue Weekend is an effort like never before to elevate the voices of the majority of the American people who recognize that transformation is necessary, but law enforcement cannot do it alone."

Reverend Markel Hutchins

Reverend Markel Hutchins

Chief Executive Officer, MovementForward, Inc.

"It’s about respect, honoring partnership, community, love, and doing right. We have many challenges. As a nation, we always will. But we have solutions in our hands."

Jonathan Thompson

Jonathan Thompson

Executive Director and CEO National Sheriffs’ Association

"This is an opportunity across the country for us to get together. It’s an opportunity to talk, to listen, to hear, to share."

Chief Don Tijerina

Chief Don Tijerina

Past President Hispanic American Command Police Officers’ Association

"We want to meet you where you are… where you feel safe, where you feel most at home… and show you that we can be trusted."

Corporal Tina McGriff

Montgomery Police Department

"Mutual trust and respect between law enforcement and the community is the cornerstone of sound and effective policing."

Chief Peter Newsham Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department

Chief Peter Newsham

Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, Major Cities Chiefs Association

"If we never take the time to engage we’re never going to have [community] trust… So these events are incredibly important."

Deputy Chief Paco Balderrama

Deputy Chief Paco Balderrama

Special Operations Bureau Oklahoma City, OK

"Here’s an opportunity. It’s one event, one weekend, that can lead to another to another into another."

Patrick Yoes

Patrick Yoes, National President

Fraternal Order of Police

"Bringing together law enforcement, the nation’s prosecutors, and houses of worship is just one way that we can better protect our communities."

Nelson Bunn

Nelson Bunn, Executive Director

National District Attorneys Association

"National Faith & Blue Weekend offers a unique way to reinforce connections and collaborations between our policing professionals, and the communities in which they serve.”"

Chief Steve Casstevens

Chief Steve Casstevens, President

International Association of Chiefs of Police

"We commenced our sponsorship of Faith & Blue in the first year of the event, 2020. We were heartened by the mission of deepening mutual understanding between residents of all backgrounds and public safety professionals who represent every role in law enforcement. The event itself was a tremendous success and a beautiful example of what is possible when we get to know each other on a personal level. For that reason, we were enthused to continue our sponsorship in 2021 and were inspired by the 2,000 activities that took place in every state of the nation."

Jason Porter

Jason Porter, President

Public Sector and FirstNet, Built with AT&T AT&T

"Our Foundation believes deeply in the vision of Faith & Blue – creating a safer, more equitable world for all. We are so grateful to the participating community organizations, faith leaders, and law enforcement professionals who made the 2021 Faith & Blue so successful. With more than 100,000 people participating this year, they are moving mountains."

Cynthia Yazdi

Cynthia Yazdi, Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff

Global Communications & Education, Motorola Solutions; Board Member, Motorola Solutions Foundation

"We appreciate the opportunity to work with all partners in this initiative in support of strengthening their communities. We encourage continued efforts to increase this collaboration and build relationships beyond National Faith & Blue Weekend, including during the new Quarterly Days of Engagement. By coming together, we can enhance the foundations of safe, just, and unified communities."

Rob Chapman

Rob Chapman, Acting Director

Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) United States Department of Justice

The Partners Making Faith & Blue a Reality

The National Faith & Blue Weekend organizers represent every major national law enforcement membership and professional organization in the United States and every faith tradition. The effort is being co-convened by MovementForward, Inc. and the USDOJ Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.

National Faith & Blue Weekend is sponsored by:

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