Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont

While Faith & Blue is a national event, the program can be approached regionally with a dedicated liaison and a list of partnering state law enforcement agencies listed below.
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Nassau County Police Department (NY) joins the community for National Faith & Blue Weekend 2021.

Check Out How We Did Last Year!

  • Engagements

    The East had 770 engagements

  • Agency with the Most Events

    New York Police Department with 101

  • Smallest Community

    Shelbourne, Vermont with a population of 525

  • States with the Most Events

    Pennsylvania with 168

"[The unity march] is a Catholic tradition and a living invitation to consider something better than violence. It was a beacon of hope … quite a few people came out of their house as we passed. They prayed and blessed themselves."

Father Charles Ravert

St. Ambrose Parish Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Your liaison information

You can reach out to your Faith & Blue liaison, Kevin Martinez, at kevin.martinez@faithandblue.org. The Faith & Blue liaison for Maryland and the District of Columbia, Jared Feuer, can be reached at jared.feuer@faithandblue.org. If you are part of a member of the Major County Sheriffs of America (click here to check) or Major Cities Chiefs Association (click here to check), you can contact the Executive Director of Faith & Blue, Jared Feuer at jared.feuer@movementforward.org.

Participating State Law Enforcement Associations

The following associations both sponsored and are encouraging law enforcement agencies throughout their states to participate in Faith & Blue.

  • Delaware Police Chiefs’ Council
  • Maine Chiefs of Police Association
  • Maine Sheriffs’ Association
  • Maryland Chiefs of Police Association
  • Maryland Sheriffs’ Association
  • Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association
  • Massachusetts Major City Chiefs of Police Association
  • New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police
  • New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police
  • New York State Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association
  • Pennsylvania Sheriffs’ Association
  • Rhode Island Police Chiefs’ Association
  • Vermont Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Vermont Sheriffs’ Association

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