Plains and Mountains

Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa

While Faith & Blue is a national event, the program can be approached regionally with a dedicated liaison and a list of partnering state law enforcement agencies listed below.
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Aurora Police Department in Colorado hosts aGame Day Tailgate for Faith & Blue Weekend 2021.

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  • Engagements

    The Plains and Mountains had 297 engagements

  • Agency with the Most Events

    Kansas City Police Department with 11

  • Smallest Community

    Uniontown, Kansas, with a population of 272

  • States with the Most Events

    Kansas with 48

"To help smooth over places where our society has rough edges and creating bonds between the police and the people in the communities they work in is something that’s a natural fit for us."

Rev. Keith Winton

All Saints Episcopal Church Omaha, Nebraska

Your liaison information

You can reach out to your Faith & Blue liaison, Ambreen Hernandez, at ambreen.hernandez@faithandblue.org. If you are part of a member of the Major County Sheriffs of America (click here to check) or Major Cities Chiefs Association (click here to check), you can contact the Executive Director of Faith & Blue, Jared Feuer at jared.feuer@movementforward.org.

Participating State Agencies

The following state agencies both sponsored and are encouraging law enforcement agencies throughout their states to participate in Faith & Blue.

  • Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Idaho Chiefs of Police Association
  • Idaho Sheriffs’ Association
  • Kansas Sheriffs’ Association
  • Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association
  • Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association
  • South Carolina Police Chiefs Association
  • South Carolina Sheriffs’ Association
  • South Dakota Sheriffs’ Association

Plains and Mountains News

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Nonprofit invites faith leaders, community to bless badges for local law enforcement on Saturday

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