This morning Faith and Blue weekend in Washington, DC officially kicked off with a remarkable morning of speeches, song, prayer, and action. Officers and faith groups came together to the sounds of “Amazing Grace” performed by the Metropolitan Police Department Side by Side Band to officially open a weekend focused on strengthening communities and building bridges.

            “We need you to stand up,” Acting Chief Pamela A. Smith told the assembled crowd, “We need you to be strong… We need you to be a breath of fresh air for the young people in our communities.” And that is exactly what officers and faith communities across the country will be doing this weekend. Starting today, almost a thousand communities will host events celebrating the deep connections between officers and the people they serve.

            In his opening remarks, Faith & Blue’s National Lead Organizer Rev. Markel Hutchins emphasized those vital connections. He echoed Acting Chief Smith in reminding us that, “Police police differently when they have a relationship with the communities in which they are policing.” If we want to move beyond divisive rhetoric and work together, we need to invest in those connections, which is why hundreds of faith communities are throwing open their doors to be part of the movement.

            Come out and join us this weekend in building and strengthening those relationships. You can use our event finder tool to choose an event near you. As you can see, there are a few to choose between – over 3,000, in fact. So, whether it’s at a tailgate or a prayer service, join us in building the connections that strengthen our community ties. We can’t wait to see you out there. 

As our map makes clear, there are quite a few events to choose from!

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