The inaugural National Faith & Blue Weekend (NFBW) has wrapped up, and we are blown away. It was a tremendously inspiring event with nearly 1,000 activities held across the country, from Hawaii to the heart of Kansas to the tip of the Florida Keys. We have learned of community panels, house builds, youth listening sessions, food drives, music concerts, marches, vigils, and so much more. These activities have occurred in person, socially distanced, and virtually. They generated hundreds of media stories, over a million social media impressions, and brought together tens of thousands of people to create meaningful connections between law enforcement and the public.

As part of the 2020 NFBW, we held a photo contest that selected five photographs that exemplified the reconciliatory spirit of the event. The five winners came from the Chicago Police Department, the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office (GA), the Metropolitan Police Department (DC), the New York Police Department, and the Oklahoma City Police Department. You can see the photographs below.

Chicago Police Department
Dekalb County Sheriffs Office (GA) 
Metropolitan Police Department (DC)
New York Police Department
Oklahoma City Police Department

National Faith & Blue Weekend is October 7-10, 2022. Register here.